When we say it’s a new dawn, we mean it. We are proud to introduce to you our one-of-a kind loyalty and reward program. on our e-commerce site.

For every one hundred Kenya shillings/one dollar spent on our website, you get to earn one loyalty point. One loyalty point is equivalent to one shilling/one dollar earned which is redeemable on check out.

We also give you a referral link(viewed under my account-points) tab, whereby you get to earn one point for every referral made using the special link provided there once the person referred to, successfully signs up in our e-commerce store. Please note that, this referral link is only limited to a period of time. So, you better do that thing before the period ends.
You also get to earn one point when you successfully manage to create an account (this is a special reward form us to you) because we love you. To create an account, click here.

All these points are redeemable at check out on our online store. Make sure you sign up for our loyalty and reward program so that you do not miss out.

In case you still have any query regarding our points system, kindly contact Teacher Raha on our live web chat feature to get some assistance.

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