Board-y bond

Hi you. We hope you are fantastic and facing life with positivity. Let us talk about bonds today, shall we? We know it has been so hard with quarantine and all but we are glad things are going back to normal. It’s going to be a while of course but we will get there…sooner or later hopefully. But as for now, let us enjoy the bonds we have been able to maintain during this crazy time; with close family members and friends.

Nothing beats a good time than spending time with the people you love. And to make it even more memorable and engrossing, sharing a meal together is where it’s at. At Adorn ‘N’ More, we individually enjoy hosting brunch sessions at home or a beautiful outdoor garden space. And you will never miss an alluring yet tasty, laid out charcuterie in our brunch sessions. So, in case you are wondering what a charcuterie board, allow us to share some knowledge with you. Pronounced as “shahr-ku-tuh-ree“, a charcuterie board is an assortment of cured meats, cheeses, artisan breads, fruits, nuts and crackers all craftily arranged on a board. But, there is no written rule for making a charcuterie. Play along and make it scream you and the people you are hosting! This is what makes charcuteries fun. The more amusing the charcuterie board is, the tighter the bond.

Good news friends! At Adorn ‘N’ More, we have charcuterie boards for sale. Our boards are food safe and made from 100% organic bamboo. It also comes with 2 dipping bowls for your dips, jams or mustards. Included here too is slicing, spreading and serving tools for your charcuterie. You can buy the board HERE.

How to Build a simple Charcuterie

Step one: Let’s get in formation

Lucky for you, our first collection of charcuterie boards comes with hole spaces for your dipping bowls leaving you with little work. All you have to do now is spruce up those mean dips, jams or mustards for your charcuterie and put them in the dipping bowls.

Step two: Say cheese (take a picture)… and meat

I don’t know about you, but I, as the author of this article, shamelessly just sang out that song by KiDi the moment I finished typing the heading of step two. Please forgive me. Anyway, let us get back to the agenda. Start by arranging the cheeses. Arrange them evenly around the board and allow space for slicing and scooping. Some cheeses can be cubed, sliced or some can be added on the board as a wedge. It is your choice. Any cured meat will work on a charcuterie board but a fave of ours definitely has to be some beef pastrami, garlic salami, honey glazed ham and cured turkey from farmers choice. The better the variety, the greater the charcuterie will be.

Step 3: Add some crackers, artisan bread or both

The arrangement of this is very dependent on what you prefer. Some love a messy board while some love to see a neat board. Our Mianzi board collection allows you to be both. Put a stack or two of crackers on the edges and place your artisan bread in the middle of the board.

Step 4: Fruit, nut it up and garnish

Fill up the gaps on your board with fruits and dried nuts. There is no rule here. Garnish it up with some fresh herbs and once your board is finished, set it out so that your guests can enjoy the work you have done.

We hope the next bonding session you host, you get a chance to implement all this. Have a board-y bond and enjoy bringing people together with great food.

Until next time. Bye!