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Saving money as you shop online

We all love a good shopping spree. And one, two, many times, we’ve found ourselves in this scenario. Are you guilty as charged for this not so little offense? Well, this article is for you. If you are innocent, congratulations! Seriously, we need to emulate you.

This article is so personal to me because I have spent heedlessly splashed some coins online on some unnecessary items that I thought were so essential at that particular time… like one time I bought some bright pink framed sunglasses(the frames were humongous) because they were trendy by then and also because, I have a special affinity for sunglasses. Now, I cannot for the love of sunglasses , imagine myself wearing them in 2021 or anywhere in the future. There is also a time I bought… No. Let me save myself some internet discomfiture. But you get it. I have been there, learnt a few tips on how to avoid this and that is why I am here today.

Have an agenda people

Okay, this is not a meeting you are attending but I just wanted to use that title just to sound a bit formal. By agenda, I mean that you need to have a well curated shopping list. Yes, I know that shopping lists can be quite boring, traditional and restrictive but do you want to “spruce up” your life with unnecessary debts afterwards because you went off your budget? I bet you are smart enough to know the answer to this. Shopping lists are for both offline and online by the way. STAY ON BUDGET AND ON-LIST at all costs!

Take advantage of sales

Who doesn’t love a sale? I know I love a good sale. And I always find myself literally crawling through any e-commerce site to see if they have a sale before I go to their normal priced items. Sales are a life saver especially if you find something you’ve been eyeing on for too long on the sale tab. It’s a euphoria type of feeling; bliss at the highest level possible.

Sign up for the loyalty and reward program

Do you know what they say about loyalty? Loyalty is rare and if you find it, keep it. Plus, it pays off literally in the context of the matter that brought us all here and that is, saving money as you shop online. I am sure you have come across a loyalty and reward from your favorite retailers and have an idea of how this works. Some retailers do not allow their consumers to redeem their points until they attain a certain number of points, while some do allow one to redeem their points from the onset of the registering for the program. This is something you need to consider.

Now that you are here, are you aware that Adorn ‘N’ More has a loyalty and reward program? If you are in the dark, click [here] to learn how our program works. Trust us. It’s a different experience from what you are used to and I know you will love it.

Take advantage of local pick up points

Shipping costs is non- avoidant when shopping online. If the store you are shopping from offers a local pick up point near your shipping address, take this as your shipping option instead of having a door to door delivery. Local pick up points are always a free option in most instances, and this saves you some coins.

Use coupons to your advantage

We live in an era where we are blessed with coupons left, right and center. Bag these coupons and see yourself saving up to 80%.

Sign up for the mailing list

How many times do we find ourselves ignoring that pop up that displays itself once we access a website? You are missing out on a lot if you find yourself doing this. If your retailer offers a mailing list, kindly take advantage of it. Subscribers often get tantalizing deals sent to their e-mails. I have personally experienced this and I got a small gift, which was in terms of a discount code, from an e-commerce store on my birthday.

These are some few tips I have learnt. Do you have an amazing money saving tip to use as one shops online? Share on the comment section below. Be kind and share this post to someone who you know may benefit.

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